Paul Pavish, the creator of the YouTube channel Basics Explained, is a graduate in Mechatronics Engineering, with years of experience being a robotics hobbyist and an occasional freelancer for engineering grad students.

The passion for creating electronic life kept him inline with any latest open-source technology trends. The ability to use those technology trends to solve technical & non-technical problems and being proficient in the basic concepts of science & engineering sparked his interest towards enlighten others with crucial knowledge on concepts that might help in their quests of learning & building things that makes the world much better. He worked in an educational organization as a Research & Development Engineer developing creative designs, DIY Projects in Engineering & Technology domain, technical solutions (hardware & software) for process/operational hiccups, and training students on latest trends in Science & Tech.

As a hobbyist, he maintains a personal YouTube channel Paul Pavish, where he posts videos of his new builds, customizations and tech solutions. His latest posts are listed in the Creator’s Corner and follow him though his Social Media.

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