GuiN-E Bot


ROS + Arduino

The Guidance & Navigation – Expandable (GuiN-E) robot is ideated and built around the ‘Rosserial_Arduino_Library‘ and ‘Rosserial_Python‘ nodes. These libraries and tools are integrated to create simpler and cheaper ROS robots.

Start Simple

Rather than building robots with advanced sensors and control algorithms to learn ROS, start with simple logic bots like line followers and obstacle avoiders.

Cheap Robots

The minimum requirement of a simple ROS based robot requires a Raspberry Pi. But with GuiN-E Bot Series, we can build simple robots with half the price.


GuiN-E Bot series uses the readily available open-source features of ROS libraries like ‘Rosserial_Arduino_Library‘ and ‘Rosserial_Python‘ (ROS_PC).

Ready to Implement

GuiN-E Bot has a dedicated Arduino Library and Git repo that contains the required sketches and ROS nodes in a plug and play readiness.

Easily Expandable

Each version of GuiN-E Bot is a simple & improved version of its predecessor, and every version can easily be upgraded or downgraded as required.

Freedom to Explore

GuiN-E Bot series along with its ready to implement sketches and nodes gives more freedom to explore the limits of ROS in embedded devices.

GuiN-E Bot Series

Videos of every version of GuiN-E Bot till now

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